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What Are Root Canals and Are They Safe?

In today’s world, root canal procedure is one of the most in-demand dental operations which are carried out by dentists everywhere. This article focuses on the basics of root canal procedure and how safe it is. Click this here now.This will serve as a guide for those who are advised by their dentists to undergo such procedure for safety and preventive purposes.

Basically, a root canal treatment is a process by which a trained dental practitioner conducts repair and corrective measures in order to save a decaying tooth from total damage. The human tooth is made up of two parts, the root and the crown. The crown first of all is made of enamel, which is the toughest material in the entire body. It’s very tough yet quite easily susceptible to tooth decay from sugar acids. Beneath the enamel is the dentin which is the bony part of the tooth, and the soft gum tissue. The root on the other hand contains the pup chamber and of course the root canal. Other than that, the supporting ligaments, soft pulp tissue, root end opening, and bone is enclosed in the root part of the tooth.

The Nature of Tooth Decay

When the tooth is exposed to bacteria and sugar acids that tend to ruin the enamel over time, the pulp tissue which is located in the root canal may become infected and inflamed. This can impede the blood supply to the gums and tooth pulp. During the early stages of tooth decay, you will not be able to perceive or feel any pain. That’s the reason why many patients don’t seek dental consultation until after the discomfort of having tooth decay disrupts their day-to-day mood and level of concentration. But if the decay has been left untreated for a long time, the infection will spread eventually until it reaches the bloodstream. Afterwards swelling and the formation of pus or abscess begins to progress. The abscess formation causes severe pain and discomfort for the person who has tooth decay. Hypersensitivity to hot or cold drinks may also be apparent to some individuals who have progressive tooth decay.

Who Needs Root Canal Treatment?

That’s it for the basics of tooth decay. If you have root canal problems, visit our dentist clinic in Sydney at As for root canal treatment, it is prescribed for individuals who are in bad need of a dental treatment to salvage their teeth which can still be saved from total decay.  With root canal, the walls of the teeth can be enlarged and modified. A local anesthetic will be injected to the gum line which root canal will be performed in order to temporarily paralyze the nerves. Aside from the anesthetic, an antiseptic formula will also be introduced in order to disinfect the area. A filler material such as amalgam or similar prescribed ones may be used in order to fill in and seal microscopic and visible holes on the tooth. This process alone may take from three to six sessions to accomplish depending on the extent of damage to the tooth.

Root canal procedure has a high safety and success rate of up to 90% or more. Scientific breakthrough in the field of dentistry has made it possible for root canal procedures to be as painless and comfortable as possible. X-ray images are taken before and after the procedure in order to make sure that it will be carried out accurately and effectively. 

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